Just after Jesus had met the women at the well where He laid bare the fruit of her life and offered her "Living Water"....Jesus' disciples come to him and  were amazed that He had been speaking to a women there at the well... a Samaritan women at that!

I'm sure as the scriptures tell us....Jesus's disciples wanted to know what in the world He was doing talking to this women and what exactly was it that she wanted of Him....but they bit their tongues and observed Jesus's interaction with this women.

As the women left to run back to the men of the city....come, see a man who told me all I had done in my life.

As the women left them....Jesus disciples began urging Jesus to eat...it had been a long day, Jesus was wearied from His travels.

Jesus has an amazing response to His disciples...a response that sent His disciples did not expect.

John 4:32  Jesus said to His disciples "I have food to eat that you do not know about"..... Jesus's statement caught Hs disciples off guard...no one had brought Jesus food.... no one had any food on them to give to Jesus. How can Jesus say He has food...when obviously He had no food?

Jesus sensed His disciples lack of understanding... and explains what it is He is talking about in verses 34.

John 4:34 "My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to accomplish His work".

The food that Jesus was talking about was His spiritual nourishment....

This is an awesome lesson for us....see, spiritual nourishment is more than just Bible Study, Prayer and Attending Church....all of which are important and good for us.....but we often leave out the one component that Jesus points out here to His disciples....

Yes, Jesus was physically hungry....but He used this moment to teach His disciples a very important life lesson....that they would latter need.

Spiritual nourishment is just as important to us as our physical nourishment....

Spiritual nourishment comes from doing God's will and helping to bring His work of salvation to completion according to His will and for His glory. 

We are not only nourished by what we "TAKE IN".....but also... by what we "GIVE OUT" for God's glory....and for His fame.

Don't neglect your spiritual nourishment...take in and give out.

Pastor Buddy