I have always been fascinated with a parrot’s ability to speak words. It’s a bit creepy I will admit
but fascinating at the same time. I am no expert about this, but I have read that this ability comes from a
unique wiring of their brains that enables them to mimic sounds that they are exposed too. There is
some debate as to whether parrots actually understand the words they say, but the general consensus is
that they are simply repeating the words they have heard. You may be wandering what this has to do
with christianity and why I am writing about parrots on this type of blog. Here is why; it is my fear that
our modern-day evangelism has led people, who have no real understanding of the gospel and their
desperate need of a savior, in a “repeat after me” series of calculated words “asking Jesus into their
heart” and thereby making them a parrot not a born-again follower of Christ. For those of you that have
continued reading after that last statement, let me explain. Its important not to hear what I didn’t say, I
didn’t say that any one who has ever prayed a repeated prayer is not truly converted. Its quite possible
that the words spoken were flowing from a “heart of stone turned into a heart of flesh” Ezekiel 36:26.
The problem is when we put more emphasis on the prayer than we do the heart. Any one can say a
prayer, but only God can make you born again. As a youth I must have said that prayer a thousand
times. I would say it with as much “meaning” as I could. I was told that if you say this and you really
mean it then you would be saved. I was always scared that I didn’t “mean” it enough. When we
evangelize others that way we are putting all the power and ability to be saved in the hands of man, and
the importance on the words that a person says in a prayer. There is no peace or assurance or joy in that
type of man centered conversion because there is no such thing as a man centered conversion. There is
no scriptural basis for leading people through a prayer and then pronouncing them saved. I believe this
has become such a norm in our churches today because pastors measure success by getting someone to
outwardly profess Christ. The problem is that a profession without a true conversion is not a win for the
kingdom but a loss. I have encountered many people who won’t truly open their ears and hearts to the
gospel because they are putting their hope in a prayer they said or an aisle they walked at a previous
time in their life. They are actually harder to reach than if they had never heard a thing about it. As
pastors and evangelists and any other person sharing the gospel with the lost, we must understand that
an outward profession of Christ will follow an inward conversion of the lost. We don’t have to try and
manufacture that in the people we witness too, God will produce it if they truly believe. A well-known
pastor said it best when he was asked how many people were saved at a revival he had just preached,
he said “I’m not sure but we will know in about a year.” Success for the evangelists is not in how many
professions we can draw out of people, rather it is in faithfully planting the seed of the gospel and
trusting God to grow the fruit from the good tree he has made.

We often hear along side the urging of a sinner’s prayer, the use of Romans 10: 9-10. “If you
confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead
you will be saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and
is saved.” This is such a wonderful scripture to bring forth when leading someone to Christ, but it must
be explained correctly to them. When Paul mentions here believing and confessing, he does not mean a
mental acknowledgment and a saying of words. Satan has a mental acknowledgment of Jesus and a
parrot can say words but neither one are followers of Christ. Context is key when we interpret scripture
and the context of the book of Romans finds Paul writing to people that are required to always
“confess” Ceaser as Lord. When Paul says to them “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord” he
is saying if you see Christ as your master above everything and everyone else confess it so. For these

people confessing Jesus as Lord was much deeper than a simple profession. It was a matter of life and
death. The context of Romans may not be the same as it is here today, but the meaning of the scripture
is the same. If you see Jesus as your only source of hope confess it so and believe it so and rest in his
finished work, not in a prayer said or an aisle walked. Don’t be a parrot, be a fruit producing follower of
our living God!

God bless, Pastor Dusty