I recently over-heard someone say “how could God us me”….this believer made that statement based on their age and season of life.

Why is it that we often think we must be “Super Christians”, young and full of energy for God to use us for His glory?  We read in the Word of God….God often using men and women of all ages and from all walks of life for good works that display His Glory to the world.

In Acts 9 we read of the life of a disciple named Tabitha (Dorcas) who, in her old age, had died….yet, as we read the account, we see all that Tabitha had done in service of the church, particuraly in the making of tunics and other garments for the poor….

We also read in 2 Timothy of “Lois” (Timothy’s mother) and “Eunice” (Timothy’s grandmother) and their investment in the kingdom of God.  What work were they engaged in?....no book of the Bible was named after them, no city building or great hall, but the work they engaged in was to pour into Timothy, as a young boy, the “Truth”…the word of God….and Timothy never departed it.

Faith family, we are all called to be His witness – in all seasons of life.

It was the great Reformer John Calvin who once said “we must make the invisible kingdom visible in our midst”…..speaking of the Kingdom of God.

Church family, there is no age limit on that truth.