We all like to associate ourselves with people of importance.  Sometimes it is seeking out one of our sports heroes for an autograph, or maybe getting the attention of the boss at work for doing a good job.  When someone who has authority or fame of some sort recognizes us, it makes us in turn feel more important and wanted, which is a deep desire we have as human beings, to be wanted.

I was recently studying about the Incommunicable Characteristics of God in my study of Systematic Theology.  I know that sounds like the nerdiest sentence I could have ever said on many levels...lol.  But let me explain.  The Incommunicable Characteristics of God are the traits that God alone has.  In other words, things He does not share completely with us.  Things like His independence.  God is completely independent of any other creature, because He is the Creator of all.  God is unchangeable in His being.  God is eternal.  He always has been and always will be.  

These traits remind us that God is the most famous, important being, and He is worthy of our worship and praise.  And yet He loved us and pursued us, talk about fulfilling our desire to be wanted.  What an uncomprehending thought.  He sought us out to save us and give us eternal life.  

Truly, how great is our God.