How can God be all powerful and good yet there be evil in the world? How is it if God is all powerful does the church seem filled to the brim with anxiety and fear today in the western world? These are questions that I have pondered the last several months as I studied Esther afresh and anew. It all really began to take greater shape after my brother Jacob's tragic death at 26. I felt a despair and darkness that I had never known. My brother was a larger than life personality.  A people person who could make anyone laugh.  People loved Jacob. I wish he could have seen the people who came to his funeral service as they did not have room in the funeral home. He is and was loved and I still miss him so.  It was in the midst of that despair that the hope of the Gospel and truth of God's all powerful providential care for His people brimmed forth with unhindered beauty, lighting my soul.

The past several years in the western world many have been pondering God's providential care of His people and His sovereignty over ALL things especially during the last presidential election season and the church's response to it. I pondered afresh God's sovereignty and the providential care over His people during my grief with my brother. Much of the fruit of that pondering and studying of Holy Scripture resulted in a book which is based on a study through the book of Esther.

In Esther God's name is not mentioned at all.  However, He is the major character of the story. God uses natural everyday decisions and circumstances to accomplish the redemption of His people. The book of Esther is different than books like Exodus where God supernaturally intervened and humbled His people's enemies (Egypt, etc), delivering His people from slavery. In Esther, God delivers His people through the circumstances and situations of everyday life in His providential rule over kings, kingdoms, and all peoples.  The theme that both Exodus and Esther have in common, though, is God delivers His people for His glory. God rules over all things and no one can thwart God's purposes in the world. That is what the church clung to in Acts 4 where they prayed, trusting God's rule over the actions of men to achieve His decreed purposes of redeeming His people through  the Lord Jesus' crucifixion.

Sometime in the next several months, "Stop Worrying, He Reigns" will be released by a great Christian publisher, whom I am grateful believed in the book and offered an opportunity to present it to the world. My hope and prayer is that it will be a blessing to many who wonder why does a good God allow evil.  God reigns and that truth is to move us, His people, to a bold fearless faith knowing that nothing can thwart our good God's plans. In face rebellion against God and evil itself, in the end, will serve to accomplish God's good decrees resulting in His glory shining forever in the masterpiece of His redemptive work in a fallen world.  Nothing can thwart God or stop Him. He Reigns, may we cease our worry.  

The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord. - Proverbs 21:31