I grew up in a small church surrounded by family and friends and served alongside them, experiencing the love and affection of a church family.  However, I did not grasp the magnitude of my sin and the position that a sinful nature put me in before a Holy, Righteous, Perfect God.  As I grew, my understanding of salvation was that I had to go to Christ (though a prayer) and ask for forgiveness of my sins, then try my best to not sin again, and to not turn away from God.  If I did, I needed to recognize my failure and ask Christ for forgiveness again.  My view of salvation had become based on trying hard and saying a prayer.  I did this over and over again throughout my life and eventually became numb to the desire of living a holy life and began to pursue the desires of the flesh, thinking that, at any time, I could say that prayer and ask for forgiveness and be right with God again.  Through this view, a bad theology developed within me that allowed for many sinful habits to form and thrive.  I carried this position and these habits throughout my college years, into early adulthood, and the beginning of my marriage to my wonderful and beautiful wife.


By God’s grace, we eventually found our way to a Gospel-centered church and began hearing the full brunt of how wrath deserving a sinful nature is to God and that he is perfect in his judgement and punishment, therefore he cannot pass over sin.  But He chose not to leave us there.  He sent His Son to take that punishment so that he could show his love and mercy.  It was during this time that the work of Christ really began to impact my life.  I had grown up knowing the answer without really understanding the problem.  I realized that it’s by God’s grace, through faith in Christ alone that saves, not anything I can do or say, and that He promises to never leave me nor forsake me.  When Christ said “It is finished”, he meant it!  He then instilled in me, and my wife, an insatiable passion for His Word, for ministry, and for missions. 


Brandon and his wife, Ashley, are the parents of three wonderful daughters, Maddison, Jacquelyn, and Charlotte, and one son, Shekhar.  Brandon is also working toward a Master of Divinity degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.