I grew up in a home where Christian principles were taught and always had a knowledge of what a "Christian" was supposed to be and look like. When I was in my early twenties God saved me. But I began to struggle with assurance of salvation under this ideology that I had to be faithful. This stemmed from a belief that salvation was based upon a decision that was made to follow Christ. Under this style of teaching, doctrine was downplayed. I had a false belief that doctrine was something that was only for college professors or scholars. Whenever doctrine or theology was talked about it seemed that people were just trying to prove they knew more than everyone else. But I often wondered what my purpose as a Christian should ultimately be.

 As I began to study these things it seemed as if the Bible was saying something completely contradictory to what I had always been taught. I began searching scriptures and starting seeing that the way I had been taught was coming in direct conflict with what the Bible actually says. Shortly after, I began studying in an expositional Bible teaching institute through FBC and I finally began to understand what it meant to fully rest in Christ. I quickly embraced Biblical theology and the Bible became so much more than just a book full of “feel good” stories. It is all about Christ! 


“For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God”


-Ephesians 2:8