Song Leaders

“The good news of Christ’s great deliverance tunes the heart to sing.”
-Martin Luther

Eric and Tonna O’Dell have been the song leaders at First Baptist Church Puxico since 2008. They both grew up in Christian homes and were involved in church from a very early age. They are both extremely grateful that they were raised by parents who emphasized the importance of commitment to the local church. Music was an important part of both of their family’s lives for as long as they can remember. They were married in 2005 and make their home in Puxico. God has blessed them with two beautiful girls, Lydia and Phoebe.

Over the past eight years, God has shown them that what we sing in church and in our homes can and should impact us theologically, not just emotionally. Our heads and hearts must be engaged to truly worship. They believe that multi-generational services, using songs old and new, help unify the body of Christ. Worship is not about musical style, it is about the Gospel.

Putting an emphasis on congregational singing within the church is a desire of Eric and Tonna’s hearts. They know that the church is the only thing that will last forever. When we sing as a church, it is our outward expression of the life we have been given in Christ. Our bond as believers grows stronger when we sing together. Our churches tend to be filled with people of all ages, backgrounds, and even musical preferences. At times it may seem that we struggle to find common ground with other people in church. But we must remember that we have the most important thing in common: our faith in Jesus Christ. Our songs unify us as a body when we lift high the name of Jesus.

The mission of the O’Dells is to exalt the name of Jesus and His Gospel in every song that we sing as a congregation. They are very grateful for the opportunity to serve at First Baptist Church Puxico and are excited to be a part of the work here.