I was raised in a split somewhat Christian home. My mother was a very faithful follower of Christ in a country Methodist church. She made sure we were in Church every time the doors were open. This instilled the truth of God's word in me from a young age. During my adolescent years my parents divorced and my mother transferred her church membership to an Assembly of God church. I sat under some legalistic teaching that caused me to reject God and want nothing to do with church. The teaching I was hearing was telling me that I had to be a good person and ask for forgiveness every time i sinned and it became apparent that I could never measure up to earn God's favor. My dad had started attending a General Baptist church some and the teaching there was lacking and works driven also. By the time I reached adulthood, I wanted nothing to do with church. I always believed in God and knew the truth of the Gospel but didn't understand grace or see how it could be applied to me. Through God's divine work I started attending First Baptist in 2013 and realized what I had been missing in these other churches, Expository Preaching. Through expository preaching, the Word of God transformed my life and the Gospel message finally penetrated my heart of stone. I was born again and shortly thereafter, I was baptized proclaiming my profession of faith. After about 2 years, I started to feel an urge to teach. This urge was confirmed by others and an opportunity presented itself for me to teach a small group on Sunday mornings. Through this opportunity, I developed a love for God's word and the leadership of First Baptist saw that I had a gifting for ministry. Somewhere around the end of 2017 I started studying under Pastor Justin Miller for Pastoral Ministry. Since then, my love for Christ and his word has only grown and I have had opportunities to preach. But, besides the gift to rightly divide the word of God, I have also been granted the desire and gifting to disciple and counsel the people of God. My desire is to shepherd Christ's church and present her holy and blameless at his return.